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Panel, plaster, aluminum and glass: walls, ceilings

Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction of the ceiling Panel wall, plaster, aluminium glass frames.

Currently, corrugated porous Panel - a new- materials are becoming increasingly popular in construction. With several advantages: sound insulation, thermal insulation, fast construction, Panel many customers choose for their work.

Features of the Panel:
-Good thermal insulation Panel, non-toxic, non-aging and has good compression bearing.
-Panel be sure link, do not rust and are easily combined with other materials to create the cubes a match or contrast used to decorate facades.
-Panel is a lightweight material should not spend a lot of the cost of building the momentum, particularly it is suitable for construction on weak ground, tall buildings.
-Panel is bearing good materials are not beyond the aperture should not spend a lot of costs for the construction of the beams, rafters.
-Panel is very good insulation saves energy for cooling during use.
-Panel is manufactured with materials of great size, diverse fast construction time, PANEL clean and easily fits on any terrain.


The plaster ceiling is a popular material in the factory. With advantages as against fire, moisture, sound insulation, thermal insulation plaster ceilings are ... is the popular choice for the construction industry.


When the plaster ceiling construction, in addition to a harmonious design combined with the quality of products, good material, a construction electrician, professional team is a predominantly important in creating impressive style.

Aluminum frame is also very popular in construction with many outstanding features: 
- Sound insulation, good insulation, energy-efficient heating or cooling. 
- Durability. 
- As the high guava, no warping , shrinkage over time. 
- To minimize the spread of flames in case of fire or explosion 
- Easy installation, cleaning or maintenance.