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Computer Network

Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction and installation of computer network system.

1.Server (IBM, HP) 
Server  is a system (software and hardware computer matching) to meet the requirements on a computer network to provide or assist in providing a network service . The server can run on a dedicated computer, which is also commonly known as "server", or multiple networked computers capable host. In many cases, a computer can provide multiple services and diversified services running.

The servers usually operate in a client-server model, the server (server) is running computer programs to serve the requirements of the other programs, the client (customer). Therefore, the server performs some tasks on behalf of the client. The client typically connects to the server through the network but can run on the same computer. In the infrastructure of the Internet Protocol (IP) network, a server is a program that acts like a socket listener (listener).

2.The Router (Cisco)
Router or routing device or router is a computer networking device, used to transfer packets over a network and to the beginning of the end, through a process called routing.
About structure: router is a device with a LAN port (possibly 1 or a lot of LAN port), or on include antennae (antennae) broadcast wifi. 

The function of the router 
- routers that send network data packets between two or more networks, from one to the final destination points from the router. 
- Speaking in an understandable way is from the router you can connect directly to a computer wired Lan, or use WiFi due Router emitted. 
- WiFi Router want broadcast signal or pass packets (ie internet signal) for us to use, the router must be attached to the modem. Modem here could be the first modem port, 4-port modem, wireless modem or modem port 1 4 port wifi feature. This modem has been connected to the network Internet connection.

3.Firewall (Juniper, FortiGate, ASA) 
is a technique FireWall is integrated into the network to protect against unauthorized access to protect internal information sources as well as restrict the entry into the system some other unwanted information.

The structure of FireWall 
FireWall include: 
One or more server systems connected to the router (router) or with router functionality. 
The security management software running on the host system. Usually the systems administrator authentication (Authentication), authorization (Authorization) and accounting (Accounting). 
The components of FireWall 
A FireWall include one or more of the following components: 
+ Filter packet (packet- filtering router ). 
+ Application Gateway (Application-level gateway or proxy server). 
+ port circuit (circuite level gateway)

4. Switch (Cisco) 
Switch is a device used in the router, this device will be based on preset algorithms, parameters for the particular protocol and parameters in the source data to determine to create a temporary ramp with another device and then transfer the data off.