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Technical Floor: raised floor

Artist: Construction
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction technique of floor types.
Raised floor includes square sheets (600 mm x 600 mm) can replace each other with the plate with holes for floor air flow conditioning or lead can cut off to go wired.
This design helps layout flexible power cable, data cable and FM200 fire pipeline, Novace ... to provide a safe environment for people to operate and protect the operation of the hardware. In addition, the design of the raised floor to create flexibility and efficiency for the cooling air flow to be hardware blocks.


The effect of raised floor:
-Technical Flooring obscures the system of wires, pipes, underground engineering will be going between the two sides.
-Protection of wiring, cables or any of the materials to the floor to avoid the invasive insect, chemical or hot air humidity of the concrete floors with rack system is designed tailored to individual works, each type of equipment on the floor.
-Reduced noise and vibration reduction for the equipment during operation.
-Reduce yaw Ion + in the environment create the accurately for the machinery and equipment placed on the side of the floor. Maximum power reduction for people even when there are incidents of fire and explosion.
-Do not lead the fire, allowing movement of the equipment promptly fire incidents.
-Create a dry environment, clean floor equipment

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