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Epoxy paint, Vinyl Flooring

Artist: Construction
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in construction consultant Epoxy paint, Vinyl floors of the factory.
Today construction Epoxy paint for floors factory was indispensable stage in the process of building a workshop. 
We will bring practical benefits for our customers with the most advanced features of epoxy Vietnam : excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces, anti-dust, anti-slip, waterproof, grease, mildew resistant, durable color with time, resistance to acids, bases well, very hard epoxy coating should be able to withstand forklift conditions frequently walked 5,000 Kg.


Epoxy paint application steps: 
- Grinding processing floor 
- Cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner and primer application helps hard floor surfaces and create intermediate links between concrete floors and epoxy coatings 
- Test Epoxy paint the first layer 
- Apply a second coat Epoxy 
Vinyl flooring is resilient flooring include anti-static floor and the floor antistatic flooring has high elasticity of about 12%. with the following features: 
- The soft, flexible high, durable, scratch-resistant. 
- Anti-slip, hygienic, antibacterial and mildew, anti traces of cigarette butts, chemical resistance 
- No cracks, breaks, fractures by seismic, anti-high compressive strength 
- Reduced Noise, noise, not sunken 
- Little or no seams, high flatness 
- Antistatic have many kinds: from 104Ω - 106Ω (Static electricity), 107Ω - 109Ω (Distributed Static)
- Easy to clean, easy maintenance and servicing. 
- Lighter tiles should reduce the initial cost (cost of manicure ...) for the works.

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