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Reinforced concrete structure - steel structure

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  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, the construction of the factory in the industrial zone. Composed of reinforced concrete structures such as foundations, piles, columns, beams, walls and steel structure prefabricated steel frame, such as the roof, walls, ...
Currently, with the development of the economy increased, leading to a lot of diverse service needs and entail higher commodity storage. To accommodate the increasing production, the construction element is constructed workshop is considered the best resolution factor in the current manufacturing process. To ensure the production process is effective and high quality construction, the factory had done well on the production line as well as the progress of construction of the factory.
When construction of the factory just a few clicks we can create a truly complete projects, thereby reducing construction time while working on the construction site as well as help reduce the construction schedule to complete work soon. Also, investors can easily manage quality control works right from the production process.
Reinforced concrete structure is concrete, which reinforced bars, grids, plates or fibers have been incorporated to the steel reinforcement in the concrete. Concrete health good compression but weak in withstanding the pull, thus adding reinforcement increases drag resistance.

Additionally destructive deformation of concrete in tension in the region is very low tensile reinforcement that keeps the cracked parts together. For reinforced concrete building strong, durable plastic and have the following characteristics: 
- greater strength 
- high tensile deformation 
- Links between concrete good and reinforced 
- Compatibility of deformation between concrete temperature and reinforced concrete 
- Durability of reinforced concrete environment 
reinforced concrete structure may include multiple structures and components, including floor, wall (wall), beams, columns, foundations, frames .. Structural reinforced concrete can be categorized as precast and cast in place concrete. 
The works, mostly focusing on concrete floor system. Design and implement the most effective floor system is key to creating the optimum texture construction. Small changes in the design of a floor system can have a significant impact on material costs, construction progress, critical intensity, the operating costs of a building ....
Structural steel bearing structure of the building was designed and constructed by steel. This type of structure is used extensively in the construction industry, especially in the construction of large scale (Pre-Engineered Buildings) by the useful properties of steel. 
- Capable of bearing large and high reliability. 
- Light weight than concrete. 
- Moving and easy installation. 
- As highly industrialized. 
- As tight, waterproof


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