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Ventilation system

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Ventilate the current workshop is mandatory for workshops and can be divided into 2 types as follows. 
1. Ventilation in Environmental Air: Currently, the factory does not also air-conditioned for various reasons such as investment costs, the cost of power consumption is quite large. However, some factories have special properties, investment in refrigeration systems is inevitable. 
2. Mini wind provide ventilation for the work environment: With this type of ventilation is tall and workshops must be insulated against heat.


Here are some methods of ventilation design for the workshop:
a) natural ventilation.
Natural ventilation is the ventilation for the work environment by arranging the door take the wind and wind-waste a reasonable way to help air circulation circulation. The advantage is the low investment cost, no power to the engine. The downside is the high-performance visible and dependent on wind direction, space.
Methods: the blue layout wind wind and wind-waste symmetry taking each other to create the best effect. Blue wind are sensible layout with walls and especially must be cover rain. Can use globe mounted on the roof to enhance convection.
b) mechanical ventilation do not use lead channels. 
This method is the same as natural ventilation method but differs in that instead of putting blue wind exhaust fan placed on the wall. On the opposite side I put the blue wind dust filter or the filter plate has the technology to take the wind outside. When the fan inlet works will create the difference in pressure inside the factory, fresh wind outside would automatically spill into to replace the emissions-out.
c) mechanical ventilation using conduits. 
The cooling system of the House xuởng open:
Characteristics of this system is the need to cool the factory does not need sealing. 
Client type: coolers of air (AIR EVAPORATIVE COOLING).

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