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Spit air conditioning

Artist: Air Conditioner, Ventilation
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction and installation of a spit air conditioning system.
Spit air conditioning system consists of 2 blocks of: 
1, Block heater placed outside the air conditioner. 
2, Block is the cold air is located in regulating regions.


Features of this system: 
- It is a small machine (consumer machine) capacity from 9,000 ordinary ... 96.000Btu / h. 
- Installation is fast, easy and does not require high technology. 
- Using simple , is not affected by other computers in the system. 
- Maintenance and repair simple and independent of each machine. 
- The installation of discrete heater blocks above the siding will affect the structural architecture of the entire building. (The hot suspension investors generally hanging from siding to ensure cold resistance connecting block with hot blocks in the standard limits). 
- Due to the volume of hot air and blocks connected by tubes in case GAS Gas detectors affect human health and the environment influence (do destroy the Ozone layer). 
- For the local computer system providing fresh air to the room is usually granted directly by the blower, therefore untreated air dust, damp and often make up the difference in temperature between the high-level airflow and airflow additional block grant of cold air, causing feelings of discomfort to people in the conditioned room. 
- The ability to arrange the blocks in the cold room to ensure uniform diffusion limited. 
- Performance of the machine greatly influenced by external temperatures especially when the outside air temperature is high, performance the machine significantly reduced. high outdoor temperature capability of the outdoor unit heat exchanger low, cold Block emits low cooling capacity, the machine at overload. 
- Score big power consumption, high operating costs. 
- Reliability and lifetime use (about 5 ... 6 years). 
- Often applicable for small projects, simple does not require special environmental parameters.


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