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Air conditioning system

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Air-conditioning systems include the main section:
1, Air Conditioning center (CHILLER): A device that produces cold water through pipeline systems provide heat exchanger installed in the space conditioners to cool the air. 
2, the heat exchanger (FAN COIL UNITS - FCUs): As the equipment placed in the area to regulate (capacity of the heat exchanger was selected based on air power Room request that installation of different types), where cold water from passing indoor air conditioning to heat exchange with the air and perform cooling functions. 
3, cooling tower and water pump: real the function of the energy release of the condenser heat (air conditioning) after performing air conditioning cooling water in evaporation. 
4, the system of pipelines and pump cold water: The cold water distribution system from central air conditioning heat exchanger to the FCU. 
5, system piping cold air distribution: The distribution system of cold air through the mouth from the FCU blow to the area to regulate. 
6, Electric control system: The control system controls interlock devices in the system (air conditioning, FCU, water pumps and cooling tower).


Features of the system 
- central air conditioning may be placed on the roof or in technical room basements, the heat exchanger is placed in the room air conditioner (usually placed in the false ceiling type orchestra and assigned cold air distribution pipe through the wind and the blowing door placed in the ceiling), cold water piping system for the distribution of heat exchanger been going in and out of the box technical ceiling so the system installation affecting the architectural structure of the building. 
- The cold level duct system through the system and the diffuser from the ceiling down to the area of a room air conditioner so the diffuser arrangement to ensure the Each performance cold air diffusers in the room is fully realizable. 
- For the central system to grant additional simple fresh air through the system by installing duct air mixing device AHU fresh air supply into the air and mix with the return of each FCU, AHU. (This is for the local machine can hardly be done). 
- Due to the water cooling system during operation should freezer stable, less affected by outside temperature. 
- Score Low power consumption further ability to adjust the capacity of the system is good, so in the process of operating the air conditioner will automatically adjust the compressor capacity to ensure minimal energy costs during operation system. This significantly reduces operating costs for the entire system. 
- Reliability and long life (over 15 years) 
- Is the power range to choice, can choose a machine with a capacity suitable for the type design work and investments to expand the system easily.

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