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Industrial electrical system

Artist: Electric System
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction and installation of industrial electrical systems, power plant automation.
Over many years of experience and development, with a staff of engineers qualified, skilled, professional work and enthusiasm we have confirmed that one of the leading companies in the deployment of Mechanical -Electrical projects.
We are committed to providing the products, the best quality service and the most advanced solutions, the most optimal for customers.
Trade :
-Electrical equipment close cut-inverters
-Control equipment and automation
-Accessory equipment for the Assembly of electrical cabinets
-Low voltage capacitor
-The controller capacitors
-Automatic source converters (ATS)
-Electric cables-cable-enclosure types


The Service :
-Consulting, design, installation of electrical system: power plants, electric lighting, the electric factory, industrial electricity, electrical automation.
-Consulting, design, installation of electrical cabinets: cabinets, cabinets, PLC-HMI-SCADA vendors, distribution cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, move the source (ATS), low-voltage compensation Cabinet, lighting ...
-Consulting, design and installation of lightning protection systems: the classic of lightning, lightning, lightning protection, modern spread.


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