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PA System

Artist: Local Network System
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction and installation of sound systems PA.
PA Systems include: 
- Central control (Controller): Connect with 6 speakers notification area, can expand up to 60 speakers and storage areas informed are 255 per private message playback time is 60 seconds , may increase the volume capacity of 240W, Input for call stations, portable microphone input, speaker output and connection type 100V up to 8 call stations. 
- The expansion (Router): for additional 6 regions Speaker informs the controller and can be connected with 12 road click from other systems such as fire alarm, clock ... 
- The increased capacity (Booster Amplifier): used to supplement power (480/240 / 120W) for the system. 
- The charger and storage resources (Backup Power): time for backup is 30 minutes when the power is used. 
- DVD: used for playing music entertainment for the building, reading duocac type of DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 and playing AM, FM. 
- Desk (Call Station): Micro power high sensitivity dynamic gooseneck shape, type installed on the table, with the select button, the call stations are connected together in a loop by CAT5 UTP cables are installed in protected rooms, reception, waiting room and the control room, used to make informed to the area of the system. 
Micro Information (Emergency microphone): use for immediate notification when there is a fire or emergency messages to areas of the system. 
- 6W ceiling speakers (Speaker): Mounted along the corridor, and regional offices, nha.Dung corridors of buildings play background music and message notifications to the area in the system. 
- Speaker 15W (Speaker): mounted in areas with high noise, such as workshops, public areas, parking…

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