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Door lock + Time keeper

Artist: Local Network System
  • Astronet co., Ltd. specializes in design consulting, construction and installation of door systems from, timekeeper.
Door System from (access control & timekeeping) when the normal state, the system is responsible for closing the door to prevent people going through the door control. Each person working in controlled areas should be registered on the access control system, which is the manager level a single access (to the card, code, fingerprint ....). When you want entering or leaving a control area they are required to use this authority to authenticate to the system. Access control reader is connected to the PC through which information on the person's access to a managed area closely.This information can help managers monitor the process of work of any employee which combines timekeeping.
The door locking system from operating on the principle of magnetic locks, so the system needs to provide a stable power supply and continuously to maintain operation of the system. Use the Power Supply (UPS) to continuously supply power to the control center to avoid power failure occurs will cripple the system and the door automatically opens.

Authentication by fingerprint

Authentication by card

Authentication by key

The principle of operation of the system:
1. Reader (Fingerprint Reader): authentication-code card-fingerprint 
2. The controller (Controller): control system, data stored in memory. 
3. Lock from (Door Lock): consists of 2 parts mounted in the door and the door frame (glass) at, note this device is not intended for system only clocking. 
4. Exit Button (Exit Button): mounted in the room to open the door after it was on the inside and like to go out to the outside. 
5. an emergency Press Box (Emergency Box): used in situations stuck doors, fire, ... 
6. The source (Power Supply): provide the source for the Controller, Reader and save the source when power outages. 
7. software management: information management in place thanks to the signal transfer from the controller.


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