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Vinyl flooring antistatic

Vinyl flooring antistatic is a new product on the market is the contractors as well as companies interested and imported in bulk.
Vinyl flooring antistatic with special physical characteristics are passed conductor uniformly distributed on the surface of the product, surface resistance 104-106om therefore ensure antistatic Eternal. These characteristics make offers Vietnamese consumers are always interested in this product
-Anti slip-retardant and anti-scratch. water resistant etc.
-Use for long periods without being discoloured or deformed.
-Does not contain toxic substances or smell affect the health of consumers.
-Protect the health of consumers in hot or cold weather or cold.
-Overcome the disadvantages of natural wood flooring such as warping, from xướt, the water horse, smell and moldy.
-Very easy to install and replace extremely quickly.
-Diversified, like truth, the exact size should be selected and installed.

Components: 6-layer 
- With embossed effect to create texture on, with limited UV protection layer are translucent, fiberglass layer to avoid shrinkage. 
- Easy installation and maintenance, anti-scratch, stain, degrees great strength and good wear resistance, fireproof, waterproof and non-porous, non-reactive chemicals, no clues, weight-bearing structure: UV layer, wear layers, layer printed film.

Environmentally friendly 
plastic flooring antistatic HK guaranteed not contain plasticizers that release volatile organic compounds (VOC). It also limits the toxic substances bound to the surface. In addition, particles having antimicrobial surface invalidate the infection on the exposed floor. 
A common concern for all flooring products are reliable. With all these products, you can rest assured that your floor will pass the test of time. Technology High quality control ensures that all the tiles are capable 
scratch-resistant, anti-cracking, anti-damage caused by collisions. HK luxury vinyl tiles ensure that any area with a lot of people go. Additionally, vinyl tile premium HK has a special UV coating on the surface feels like new plastic floor, even when exposed to direct sunlight. 
One other advantage of vinyl flooring products that absorb sound from different floors. It has better noise barrier than other conventional flooring materials. 
The distortion 
Because vinyl flooring products HK antistatic not contain plasticizers, deformation due to changes in temperature or humidity occurs. The contraction or dilation of the material is very minimal. 
Self flooring 
products vinyl floor tile is easy and can be done by even novice users. We recommend the use of water base adhesives can be purchased from any local store sales yet. Vinyl flooring, you can change and re-use of materials at any time when you need to move from one place to another. Because vinyl is suitable for self-slice, you do not need to move out of place in the flooring, installation when you want to upgrade or renovate a location. 
Easy to maintain 
anti-pollution effects do easy floor cleaning and maintenance, helping to better health. No dust cement or mortar on the road. 
antistatic flooring with resistance arising static electricity, avoid dirt, sell adhesive is suitable for industrial areas, plant area of electronic, computer server rooms, public Companies, schools, health care or clean room

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